Thank you for serving as Coordinator for your congregation. You are the key to the success of Gifts of Hope when you and your team introduce and promote the program to your congregation during the Advent and Christmas seasons; conduct the sales events; see that the necessary records are kept. The thousands of less fortunate people who benefit from Gifts of Hope every year depend on you for the blessings that they receive through this program. On this web page you will find all the materials you need: Current Catalog, Supporting Documents, “How To” Guidelines, and Publicity. Thank you for helping to make Gifts of Hope work.


Current Gifts of Hope Catalog, Christmas Cards and Envelopes:

In October and November the Gifts of Hope Conference Coordinators distribute the catalog or refer them to the online catalog and a supply of Christmas cards and envelopes to the congregations or the volunteer coordinator at each congregation.


Supporting documents:

In previous years Gifts of Hope distributed to the coordinators a packet of documents which supported the annual catalog. These documents are now distributed via the website and by email. This will require that you and/or your congregation will need to print the documents. The supporting documents are as follows:

  1. Gift Description Inserts are available to coordinators in two formats; print whichever file is more convenient to use in your congregation. Make copies and include the relevant gift description with each Christmas card distributed during sales events.
    • 10 pages with 4 different gifts per page
    • 40 pages with 4 identical gifts per page
  2. Order Forms (.pdf format or Excel format) and one form for those who wish to send their donation via postal mail — Make copies for sales events and bulletin inserts. One form for each person ordering gifts.
  3. Deposit Summary Form (.pdf format or Excel format) — Make enough copies to have one for each sales event.
  4. Synod Remittance Report (.pdf format or Excel format. Make enough copies, one for your congregational record, one to send to the Gifts of Hope Treasurer, one for the Synod office (to submit with check in January).
  5. Guidelines for the Congregation’s Treasurer.
  6.  Information for Congregation Volunteers.
  7. Publicity materials (see below).


“How to” Guidelines

(Please review and share with other members of your committee.)

The current GIFTS OF HOPE Catalog contains 40 gifts, at various prices, that can be purchased by members of your congregation (and others) and given to deserving people through our Metro DC Synod’s social ministry organizations, Lutheran camps, college and seminary; and our foreign companion synods in El Salvador, Namibia and Slovakia.

Organize sales events before or after services during Advent (or before) and at other events such as Christmas concerts, children’s programs, etc.

What to do

Before the Advent season (2017 Advent dates are December 3, 10, 17, and 24):

• Form a team trying to involve people who attend different services and are involved in different groups.

• Use publicity materials below or write your own article for your October, November and December newsletters and bulletins.

• Consider innovative methods, such as using Christmas lights at your table, having a display made of large stuffed animals holding Gifts of Hope posters, giving a temple talk, or inserting the order form into a Sunday bulletin to generate interest in Gifts of Hope.

• Make copies of Order forms, Gift Description Inserts, and other forms for which you have the Master.

• Give the Guidelines for Accounting for Gifts of Hope Proceeds to the treasurer.

At each sales event:

• Members of your congregation review the current catalog and select the gift or gifts that they want to purchase.

• At sales events organized by you and your committee, shoppers complete the Order Form and give it to you, together with their payment, check or cash. If a receipt is requested for cash, fill out a duplicate Order form, sign and date it.

• In return, you give to the purchaser three things for each gift purchased: 1) a Gifts of Hope card, 2) an envelope, and 3) an insert describing the gift that was purchased.

• The purchaser, in turn, puts each insert in a card and gives the card to a friend or loved one as a gift.

At the end of each sales event:

• Consider innovative methods, including: a table displaying the catalog where you can take orders; play the PowerPoint Presentation about Gifts of Hope during worship or at your table. (Downloading takes just a few minutes.); give an announcement during worship;

Using the Order Forms, complete the Deposit Summary Form, summarizing the sales for that event.  Retain this sheet for use when completing the Synod Remittance Report at the end of the campaign.

• Transmit the Order Forms to the person in the congregation who keeps the records of members’ giving.

• Transmit the cash and checks to the congregation treasurer to be deposited in the usual manner that your congregation handles receipts, making sure that the treasurer understands that the amount is for GIFTS OF HOPE.

After the campaign is over:

• Complete the Synod Remittance Report by adding up all the weekly Deposit Summary Forms.  Be sure your congregation’s number is filled in the upper right hand box. If you are unsure of your number and it has not been pre-printed, contact your treasurer or contact Pr. Rich Zawistowski, GoH treasurer, at .

• Verify with your treasurer the amount to be remitted to the Synod and ensure that the form and check are mailed to the Synod by January 15.

• Send a copy of the Synod Remittance Report to the Gifts of Hope treasurer whose name and address is indicated on the form.

• Write an article for your January or February newsletter, thanking the congregation and reporting the total amount of gifts purchased.

GOD’S BLESSINGS be upon you in the coming GIFTS OF HOPE season and THANK YOU for agreeing to be your congregation’s coordinator.


Publicity Materials

Coordinators, please consider starting Gifts of Hope on or before Advent. Sundays of Advent are December 3, 10, 17, and 24.  Because the 4th Sunday of Advent falls on Christmas eve, you certainly have the flexibility to use the last Sunday in November as a first Sunday of our annual campaign and then finish the promotion on Dec 17. Another choice would be to promote GOH during the first three Sundays of Advent.

Here are announcements that you may use for church bulletins and newsletters (or you can write your own article). You may copy and paste directly from the web site. Be sure to add information about when and where the sales events will be held at your congregation. Be sure to provide your contact information. You may use this PowerPoint presentation at your sales events.

GOH Celebrates 25 Years!

 In 2017 Gifts of Hope celebrates its 25th anniversary and total disbursements of $3.37 million to our beneficiaries.    As you support Gifts of Hope this Christmas season, please consider increasing your support by $25 or 25%.  More money disbursed to our 18 Beneficiary Organizations provides more help to our community, both locally and globally.  In our 25th year we celebrate the addition of another organization–Lutheran Campus Ministry.  Learn more about our gifts, LCM and all our beneficiaries in our catalog and at our website  Working together–our volunteers, donors, congregations, and organizations–we make a difference.

For just a few dollars:

$10 provides nutritious food; $25 provides a micro-business grant; $50 will pack a backpack for children;  $100 will help replace church windows in Slovakia; $150 helps with rent assistance; $250 sends a kid to camp.  Gifts of Hope helps others one gift at a time, locally and globally.   Our congregation supports the work of Gifts of Hope during the Advent Season.  The 2017 Catalog of Gifts has 40 unique gifts which support the work of 10 social service agencies, 2 church camps, 3 student ministries, and 3 companion synods.  Honor your loved ones and help others by choosing gifts.  You will get Christmas cards to share.   Our GOH volunteers are ready to help you help others.  More info at  Working together we make a difference.


Give More Hope:
Give more hope to children.
Give more hope to the homeless.
Give more hope to those who seek work.
Give more hope to those who need sustenance.
Give more hope to those who need medical or dental care.
Give more hope to those who want to improve their daily lives.

How can you give more hope? Participate in the Gifts of Hope program.

Gifts of Hope—Help those in need while you shop for Christmas!

Today you can purchase a Gift of Hope for a friend or relative while making a contribution to someone who is in need.  You will receive a beautiful Christmas card and an explanation of your purchase, while the actual gift will be forwarded to the organization which helps those in need.  Visit the Gifts of Hope tables between or after worship services to make your purchases, look at the catalog of 40 gift ideas, or get more information.  The cost of gifts ranges from $10 to $250.  View the catalog at

Gifts of Hope—Shop, Receive and Give:

Would you like to give a unique gift to your loved one this Christmas season? Would you also like your purchase to benefit those in need? You can do both with a purchase of a Gift of Hope. The Gifts of Hope Catalog has 40 different gifts, with prices ranging from $10 to $250. These gifts support the mission and programs of area Lutheran social ministry organizations, camps, college or seminary, and our Synod’s companion synods abroad. Your Gifts of Hope purchases will bring hope to others while you honor those on your gift list. View all the participating organizations on the back of the catalog or on the web at

There are a wide variety of gifts such as a week at camp, transportation for women going to job interviews, nutritious meals, backpacks with healthy snacks for foster children. For each gift you select from the catalog you will receive a beautiful Christmas card and a description of the gift you purchased and of the beneficiary organization. Your Gift of Hope is guaranteed to benefit those in need and to please those on your shopping list.

The Gifts of Hope catalog will be available during Advent. For a sneak peek at the catalog, go the web site:

Make a Difference and Simplify Your Life:

Participating in the Gifts of Hope program also makes a difference in your life.   When you purchase from the Gifts of Hope Catalog and benefit those in need, you will also save time, save gas, avoid the rush and commercialization of the holidays.  No need to find gift boxes or wrap presents.  Let Gifts of Hope do the work for you!  Just choose the gifts, reduce your shopping list, and help others.